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This is a roleplay journal for the fictional character Obi-Wan Kenobi from the science fiction series Star Wars - specifically during Obi-Wan's time as a general during the Clone Wars. This character is not currently active inside any public/community games and is generally used in private storylines and the occasional meme. However, I am always open for just about anything, if you have interest.

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2012-11-27 09:06 pm

Special Assignment.

Brentaal was a dry place with two silver moons in the sky, although they were harder to see sometimes, due to the high canyon walls all around them. Even so, he liked looking at them; peaceful and serene there in the black night sky full of foreign constellations.

Eight days here and there seemed to be no progress. But no immediate trouble either. Either way, he was beginning to doubt how useful he and Anakin's presence here truly was, even if their order's had come from the Council.  There was a war raging on beyond the light of the serene silver moons of Brentaal, after all. No matter his feelings and opinions on it, it was still his duty to serve to the best of his abilities and all he had done here, over the past eight days, was the job equivalent of a low-level security guard. It was not a matter of pride so much as it was a concern over the proper allocation of resources that troubled him.

But if the Council truly thought that his time and energy was best spent here in this small but crowded canyon-city on this dry little planet, guarding a building full of, as far as he had been able to tell, were little more than fairly average starport drives, then so be it. That is exactly what he would do, unless instructed otherwise.

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2012-08-26 04:41 pm


Just some general things.

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Backtagging. Absolutely. I will backtag with you for years. IDGAF.
Threadhopping. Go for it!
Fourthwalling. I am likely to be in favor of anything in the name of comedy, but it may be situational so please ask.
Canon puncture. Again, I will probably be totally fine with it, but you might want to ask if you think it's going to throw things off.
Offensive subjects. I'm pretty hard to offend. If it bothers you, then maybe you will want to ask. But otherwise, whatever!

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Hugging this character.
Kissing this character. If that seems like it's an appropriate thing to do at the time, be my guest.
Flirting with this character. Again, whatever. I have no problem with any of these things.
Fighting with this character.  If you want to try. He will fight you back though. Prepare yourself for that. He is actually a lot more of a bad ass than he lets on.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity) Sure. Major injuries will probably want to be plotted first though.
Killing this character: Discuss it with me first?
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character. If you can. Sure. He'll use them right back. 
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So I have a lot of feelings about Obi-Wan. Specifically in regards to his relationship with Anakin and all the complexities and emotions evolved therein. Here, I will feebly attempt to explain my thoughts on those things, but also you may note that I have found quotes from others to help that along.

    The backbone of the Star Wars saga will always be Obi-Wan’s journey. From the very beginning he is burdened with training the so called prophet who will bring balance to the force. Eventually this lead to failure, not only to Anakin, but to himself…his master whom he watched die, to every Jedi in the galaxy, and the force itself. He then has to go into hiding for almost 20 years while every last Jedi was hunted down and killed. Finally, the boy Anakin fathered reaches an age in which Obi-Wan can train him. Train the son of the man who essentially destroyed Obi-Wan’s way of life. With all the convincing and training he gave Luke, it still wasn’t enough. He had to sacrifice his life in order to give Luke that final push he needed to believe in the force. With the help of Yoda, Obi-Wan still helped Luke in the afterlife. In the end, Obi-Wan succeeded through Luke. Balance was brought back to the force and the Jedi have a chance of returning. Most importantly though, Obi-Wan got to have his brother back.


    Obi-Wan suddenly comprehended an unexpectedly profound truth.

    The man he faced was everything Obi-Wan had devoted his life to destroying: Murderer. Traitor. Fallen Jedi. Lord of the Sith. And here, and now, despite it all…

    Obi-Wan still loved him.

    Blade to blade, they were identical. After thousands of hours in lightsaber sparring, they knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers; they were complementary halves of a single warrior.

    ~Revenge of the Sith Novelization.

    This, then, is Obi-Wan and Anakin. They are closer than friends. Closer than brothers. Though Obi-Wan is sixteen standard years Anakin’s elder, they have become men together. Neither can imagine life without the other. The war has forged their two lives into one.

    Together, they are unstoppable. Unbeatable. They are the ultimate go-to guys of the Jedi Order. When the Good Guys absolutely, positively have to win, the call goes out. Obi-Wan and Anakin always answer.

    Whether Obi-Wan’s legendary cleverness might beat Anakin’s raw power, straight up, no rules, is the subject of schoolyard fistfights, créche-pool wriggle-matches and pod-chamber stinkwars across the Republic. These struggles always ends, somehow, with the combatants of both sides admitting it doesn’t matter.

    Anakin and Obi-Wan would never fight each other. They couldn’t. They’re a team. They’re
    the team.

    And both of them are sure they always will be.

    ~Revenge of the Sith Novelization.

More coming soon.
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How's My Driving

If you would like to leave comments or constructive criticism about this character or the mundane's playing of this character, please feel free to do so here, at any time.
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Character Information And Background

obi-wan kenobi
jedi master