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Brentaal was a dry place with two silver moons in the sky, although they were harder to see sometimes, due to the high canyon walls all around them. Even so, he liked looking at them; peaceful and serene there in the black night sky full of foreign constellations.

Eight days here and there seemed to be no progress. But no immediate trouble either. Either way, he was beginning to doubt how useful he and Anakin's presence here truly was, even if their order's had come from the Council.  There was a war raging on beyond the light of the serene silver moons of Brentaal, after all. No matter his feelings and opinions on it, it was still his duty to serve to the best of his abilities and all he had done here, over the past eight days, was the job equivalent of a low-level security guard. It was not a matter of pride so much as it was a concern over the proper allocation of resources that troubled him.

But if the Council truly thought that his time and energy was best spent here in this small but crowded canyon-city on this dry little planet, guarding a building full of, as far as he had been able to tell, were little more than fairly average starport drives, then so be it. That is exactly what he would do, unless instructed otherwise.

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